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Jai Studios

Angie Follensbee-Hall

As a mindfulness practitioner, I aim to bring presence and awareness to all of my daily activities, including my art making. When I am creating artwork, I often find myself in the same concentration and mindful space that arises during a meditation or yoga practice. The art of creation taps into a quiet sacred space that exists in each of us. My art process is always evolving, as I find new ways to be inspired. I am continually exploring plant fibers, found materials, and handmade paper. I transform these mixed media sources, rope, paper, paint, and botanicals, with inspiration drawn from the world of nature: by the wisp of wind swaying in a Winter wind, or the small sprout searching for the sun's nourishment in Spring. The world of spirit, myth, and religion are sources of artistic inspiration and curiosity.

1383 Route 44
Brownsville, VT 05037

(802) 952-1129