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SGK Fine Arts

Stephanie Gwen Kossmann

My colorful abstract portraits and landscapes hold safe and liberated space to reflect. I free my artwork from historical context and imagery so that my audience can honor their experiences and emotions without judgment. My imagery is derived from my own experiences in anguish and healing, a background in physical landscape geography, and self-hypnosis. It emerges from an appreciation that arts and sciences are related through observation, analysis, and creative problem solving.

There is an expectation placed on artists to articulate what they believe they can best achieve visually. I strive to keep my descriptions lean; to gently guide viewers with a title or a theme.

I am in love with monotype printmaking. It whispers of nostalgia, intoxicates like oil paint, and shares wonders and spontaneity. We understand each other as mature couples do. Our mutual discovery is appreciative, intense, and flowing. We share secrets. I judiciously combine etching ink (sticky like hot marshmallow) and oil paint (greasy like buttery fingers) using brayers, pallet knives, rags, squeegees, and found objects. The materials allow me create subtle, powerful, atmospheric images and to express complex emotional themes. My artwork is striking; the target audience is drawn to it gently but firmly. It often attracts healers (physicians, therapists, nurses, addiction councilors) and those in need of healing after experiencing sexual violence and other physical and psychological trauma. Some have been moved to poignant tears, some to audible sighs of relief and release, and some are fascinated and curious.

East Fairfield, VT

(802) 782-9426