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Lemak, Inc.

Anjanette Lemak

The signature elements of my collection are design motifs such as bamboo, fan shapes, and natural forms. I find inspiration in Chinese folding screens, paintings, and hanging scrolls. In my practice of ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, I have developed a respect and appreciation for Asian aesthetics. In my work, this translates to using the contrast of line and shape, raised form elements and recessed engraved detail, the play of light, and the use of empty space as important components in my work. My designs focus on asymmetry, odd-number combinations of visual elements, and subtle details. I view my designs as fine art and not simply fashion accessories. The flow of one earring design to the next is important, like a story across space, where we become a part of that conversation.

Box 52
Rochester, VT 05767

(440) 289-6972