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Jalin of Vermont

Ellie Tallon

The ornaments are made from a combination of polymer clays. I start each ornament from a ball of clay. I add pieces as needed for each design. An ornament can have over 65 individual pieces in it. I use small black seed beads for the eyes. A tool I created myself is used for the mouth. I use a garlic press for the hair and a pasta machine to smooth out clay to make coats, dresses, ribbons and pants. I also use a millefiori technique to make patterns for the swimsuits and scarves. Each ornament is individually handmade by me. I am the only one involved in the process from beginning to end. No molds are used and I do not have any employees. Other than a few miniatures (golf club, etc.) 100% of the ornaments are handmade.

756 Whitmore Road
Reading, VT 05062

(802) 558-0476


Booth 72 in the Exhibition Hall on the ground floor.