Members: Wood

Jason Brunault
Jay’s Woodshop
David and Heather Cannistraci
Cannistraci Woodworks
Sandy Connolly and Emery Morse
Creative Woodworking
JoAnn Flanagan
Hunger Mt. Hardwoods
Toby Fulwiler
Fairfield Farm Bowls
Bob Gasperetti - Furniture Makers
Barry Genzlinger
Genzlinger Family Crafts
Les Griffith
Beneath the Bark
Don Heuerman & Linda Kiniry
Arts and Carvings
Jim Holzschuh
Yellow Dog Farm
Detlev Hundsdoerfer
Kai Mayberger
White Raven Drum Works
David Munyak Woodturner/Furnituremaker
Carl Newton Bentwood Box Maker
Clayton Perkins
Old Orchard Woodcrafts
Robin Perreault
Vermont Bentwood Handcraft
Michael Perron
Once Turned
Brian Quinto
D. Edwards Smith
Edwards Smith Fine Woodworking
Meta Strick Studio
Gary Walz
Vermont Wood'n Pen
Robert Weaver & Deb Salzarulo
Bob & Deb's Sugarhouse
Art Wolff
Wildlife Sculpting