artwork by llusso artwork by Lori Pietropaoli artwork by Vermont Glass Workshop artwork by Britt's Custom Crafts

Paintstorms Studio

Dee Christie

It all started with books headed for the dumpster. As a high school art teacher, I am perpetually resourceful, finding unique materials for student creations as well as my own art. Distressed by the thought of a landfill library, my students and I rescued the books and turned them into art journals. My students and I continue to repurpose old books, filling the printed pages with visual works. Painting, collaging, & drawing within the pages, I discovered my own inspiring platform—a way to create art infused with positivity, whimsy and favorite quotes collected over the years. Each piece is a print from one of my journals.

964 Lake Road
Milton, VT 05468

(802) 578-7442