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Mountain Farm Road Pottery

Sally Geldard-Hewes

I am a hand builder; working from a slab of clay rather than wheel thrown. I work in high-fired stoneware, reduction fired. I "throw" my own slabs, rather than use a slab roller. I feel I get a better sense of the thickness of the clay and I am truly hands on, with one less piece of equipment. Most of my work starts from the use of a template, usually a cylinder is the starting point, and the piece will become a mug, vase or a teapot. I also use drape molds for plates, platters and bowls. My work is highly textured; I use many different found objects for the texture, such as rollers, stencils and lace. I like to leave exposed seams to show the process to the buyer. I try to push the limits of the glazing process, layering, removing and combining unexpected color combination. My work is unique and one of a kind.

12 Slade Road
Bondville, VT 05340

(802) 430-1260