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Hilaryannlove Studio

Hilary Glass

I have been drawing my whole life. This practice has been a huge part of how I feel grounded and on purpose in the world.

I often draw flora and fauna from local woodlands as well as imaginary creatures from other worlds entirely. I use pen and ink, graphite, colored pencils, watercolor and gauche as some of the primary illustration tools. As far as printmaking, most of my experience is in intaglio etching but I intend to incorporate more letterpress, woodcut and silkscreen as I continue learn and create.

Much of my work explores the nature and relationships of creatures both real and imagined, all rendered with extreme detail and narrative in their postures and expressions. Studying the world around me has often revealed what kinds of other worlds exist in my own imagination. For me it is really nourishing to work on both the inventive drawings as well as more literal, realistic types of illustrations. It is a balancing act. The realistic work has an emphasis on technical detail which is a really meditative process for me. The imaginative stuff opens up many layers of possibility for an emotional attunement. Each practice deepens the other. I am so grateful to share this work I love dearly.

Montpelier, VT 05602